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Awareness is Power

From starving artist to millionaire…

THOMAS BELL is a world-class expert in mindful communication with more than 18 years of street-tested, science-backed experience. He helps entrepreneurs and professionals master their own mindsets and interpersonal skills so they can influence others and succeed on their own terms. His sessions are lively, thought provoking and extremely effective.

People Change! We weren’t put here to stay the same.

Thomas believes awareness is more powerful than knowledge, and that it comes in three flavors: self, social, and influential. He believes authenticity, presence and contribution are the currency of the new economy, and that sales, as we used to define it, is dead.

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Thomas’ Background

Change is inevitable….growth is a choice

Thomas has combined degrees in Professional Communication, has taught courses at the University of Arizona, and holds certifications in Transformational Training and Cognitive Belief Change; he’s a certified Hypnotist and an Advanced Practitioner in the field of Neuro-linguistics.

Thomas received 12 years of in-depth training in the Vedic Arts, spending four weeks in silent meditation in 2012, and is a Baptiste Certified Yoga Teacher.

This melding of the consciousness work of the East, with practical, money-making skills of the West generates massive results for his clients.

Professionally, Thomas has consulted and trained for some of the world’s largest non-profit and for-profit organizations, and given key notes at major Universities.

Most recently, he served as a Senior Executive with Heartland Payment Systems, a Fortune 1000 company he helped take public. Over a 13-year period, Thomas held every position in the Heartland sales organization, from entry level sales, to the National Director of Training, where he authored the company’s sales, leadership, and communication process and trained more than 2,000 individuals during his time there.

His mission is to raise consciousness on the planet by creating awareness in individuals and organizations.

Tom’s Course – Dynamic Interaction

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